Core Values

Individuality – We respect the interests and time commitments of our members, and allow them to retail their individuality within the group. We encourage our sisters to bring their own unique background and personality to our group in order to create a more interesting and exciting environment. 

Respect – In order to create an open and safe environment, members must respect the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs of their sisters. In addition, we work to respect ourselves—body and mind—as well as to respect our sorority as a whole entity.

Support – Sisters must offer a network of support in order to help one another reach personal and group goals. Members must try to be there for their sisters in times of need, and help them to work through any problem that occurs.

Honesty: Honesty is extremely important to order to build trusting and open relationships among members in the sorority and is necessary to create a true feeling of sisterhood. Lying is unacceptable in any situation.

Loyalty – Although we may not feel the same degree of kinship with all members of our group, we must accept and protect one another out of loyalty to our sisterhood. Members are expected to help form the group that exists by contributing time, ideas, and energy, and must do their best to help the sorority succeed and prosper.

Unity – We work to bring the members of our group together to form a group of close friends that can function and work together as a single entity—the sisterhood.

Diversity – We appreciate differences among our members and support wide varieties of interest and involvement.

Personal growth – Our group offers new and fun opportunities to its members including leadership positions, new experiences, and service to our community. We serve as a resources and a support system that encourages personal growth and improvement within members.

Pride – We work to make our sisterhood an organization that we can be proud to be a part of, as well as instill values within our members that we can be proud of.

Social Engagement – We provide a variety of opportunities that allow our members to have a well-rounded life on campus and in the community. We offer fun and exciting experiences for our members.